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music production

music production

music production // Javhastudios. professional production

musical production // Javhastudios. professional production. Madrid. Spain.

Madrid. music production // Javhastudios. professional production. Spain.

music production // Javhastudios. professional production.



Music for advertisement


Music App


Music for Videogames


Music production


We can´t show a fixed price due to the variability and needs of each project. Contact with us about to obtain a budget according to your needs.


Are you developing an App, a video game or maybe an advertising campaign for your brand and/or product? Do you need an exclusive music that identify your idea? Good, you´re in the correct place.


keep in mind that music production is a fundamental part when you want to tell stories, get the customer´s attention, go deep inside the action in a game or increase the user experience with app´s.

We have been done music production for different brands and companies and their advertising campaigns, therefore we can offer your the necessary confidence.


Here you can check one of the last music production that we did:


Our main goal is to know and understand your necessities and ideas. The communication and the understanding are essential points here. Therefore, first is to set a fluid communication in the most easy way. Send us an email to , tell us your idea and we will contact with you.


Interfaces and Converters

  • RME Fireface 800
  • Ferrofish A-16
  • Motu 828 MK2
  • Motu Ultralite
  • Solid State Logic 2+


  • AKAI S5000
  • AKAI MPC-500
  • Berhinger Model D
  • Berhinger TD-3
  • Dave Smith Evolver
  • Elektron Machinedrum
  • Emu X-treme Lead
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Korg OPsix
  • Roland Sh-101
  • Roland D-50
  • Roland TR-8
  • Roland MC-303
  • Yamaha DX21
  • Yamaha Motif XS Rack
  • Yamaha DTX Multi-12

Software and Plugins

  • Ableton Live
  • Arturia CS-80V
  • Arturia Jupiter 8V
  • Empirical Labs
  • Eventide
  • Fabfilter
  • Kush Audio
  • GRM Tools
  • Logic Studio
  • MetaSynth
  • Native Instruments Komplete
  • Nugen Audio
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Pro Tools
  • PSP Audioware
  • Slate Digital
  • Soundtoys
  • Steven Slate
  • Softube
  • Solid State Logic
  • Universal Audio
  • UVI
  • Waves


  • Genelec 8040
  • Genelec 7070
  • Yamaha HS7
  • JBL Handmade Speakers


  • Avid Artists Mix

Outboard and Process

  • Copicat Super IC Tape Delay
  • Dangerous 2 Bus+
  • Fostex 3180 Stereo Spring Reverb
  • Gssl Stereo Bus Compressor
  • Lexicon MPX-1
  • Lexicon MPX-100
  • Solid State Logic Duende
  • Sony R-7 Reverb
  • Tierra Audio Calima
  • Universal Audio Nevana Neve Pack
  • Warm Audio 1176 Compressor (x2)


Contact with us and let us know your ideas. We will be happy to help you in the develop of the music for your project.


In addition to our music production service, we can offer you others services focused to push your music to a new level. As our mix service and also our mastering service.

Web design and pics by Silvia Míguez.