Discover more about our studio - Javhastudios
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Discover more about our studio


If we must to resume in a word our objective inside the studio, that is “passion”, for the music and sound. That is the engine that moves us and forces us to develop new ways of making the listening as a new experience.


The origins of Javhastudios come back from the year 1996, when Miguel Sar began to develop musical productions in a small home studio equipped with an old computer and a musical synthesizer. Since then, both, the aspirations and the technological setup have been growing year by year, little by little and without losing the initial magic. At present day, Javhastudios is a company focused to propose and offer musical and audio solutions. Developing new techniques in the musical mix and offering a new world of sound design. To approach all of this in a straight and easy way for the clients is the most important of our objetives.



The order and the work inside the studio together with the imagination always offers us new and surprising results. To develop new ways of doing things gives us the opportunity to solve problems in an efficient way.


    As time goes by, new needs arise, both in industry and personal development.

  • 02 IDEAS

    Ideas are a determining factor, without them it is impossible to move forward and offer a new world of sound.


    Structuring ideas in a clear and efficient way helps to the development and materialization of them.


    A good development of the ideas is fundamental to obtain results inside a good timing.

  • 05 RESULTS

    Obtaining results is always rewarding, both economic and also development in new techniques.